Roland Garros 2019 will take place from Sunday 26 May till Sunday 9 June. The best tennis players of the world will battle for one of the biggest prizes of the year.

Are you going to Roland Garros this year and do you want to win a voucher? Join the photo contest and win discount on your next tennis tickets!

Photo contest



We, TennisTicketService, want to know how our clients experience Roland Garros during the tournament. Besides this, we are also searching for good photos which we can use for communication and other marketing purposes (website, social media, e-mail etc.).


How does it work?

There are different categories where you can win prizes. You are allowed to join in every category and you can send as much photos as you want. More photos means a bigger chance to win a prize! There are five categories:

✔ Stadiumview

View on the court from a grandstand in one of the three stadiums (Court Philippe-Chatrier, Court Suzanne-Lenglen & Court Simmone-Mathieu).

  • Requirements: Mention the stadium, the grandstand and the category from where the photo is taken in your e-mail.


Outside Courts

Outside courts are the courts which are not based in a stadium. Players like Federer and Nadal will usually play in one of the stadiums, but most of the other players will play one or more matches on an outside court.


Action photo

This category is about tennis players in action. Photos can be taken during the main tournament, but also for example during the qualification or during a training. It doesn’t matter of which player you take the photos, so you can make photos of all the players you see in action.


Ambiance photo

This is a very broad category. All the photos you can’t place in one of the categories above, are ambiance photos. Think about photos of crazy fans, stadium photos from the outside and maybe you are able to make a nice selfie with one of the players! We like to see pictures where we can get a good taste of Roland Garros. Show us why Roland Garros is the greatest tennis tournament.

If you think your photo does not belong to the first three categories, send it as ambiance photo.


 ✔ Video

We call it a photo contest, but we also love to receive videos. Videos could sometimes give a better impression of the tournament than photos. It is very important for a video that the quality is good. We have no preference what the video is about. Be inventive!



You can win vouchers up to €125! You can use these vouchers for your next order at TennisTicketService, for example Roland Garros 2020.

In the category Stadiumview, you can win the following prizes:

  • 1st prize: Voucher €125
  • 2nd prize: Voucher €75
  • 3rd prize: Voucher €25

In the other four categories, you can win the following prizes:

  • 1st prize: Voucher €75
  • 2nd prize: Voucher €50
  • 3rd prize: Voucher €25

Fifteen vouchers in total will be divided among the sended photos. So good chance you will win one of the vouchers!


Sending your photos

We like to receive the photos by e-mail, to the following email address:

[email protected] 




  • Deadline for sending your photos is Wednesday 12 June 2019. Photos after the deadline cannot win a prize.
  • All the received photos could be used by TennisTicketService for communication and other marketing purposes (website, social media, e-mail etc.)
  • If TennisTicketService uses your photo in any form of communication this does not automatically mean your photo has won or is eligible for a prize.
  • Judging of the photos will be done by employees of TennisTicketService.
  • There is no correspondence about the result of the photo contest.
  • If there are less than five photos received in a category, only the first prize in that category will be payed out.
  • Winners will be contacted before June 26th.
  • Vouchers are valid until 31 July 2020.


  • Send as many photos as possible. More photos means more chance to win a prize.
  • Photos of the qualification and training can win prizes as well.
  • Make your photo sharp. A qualitatively good photo has more chance to win.
  • Think about the background of your photo. A beautiful sky could make a picture much better.
  • Rain often disrupts Roland Garros. You can take beautiful pictures of the rain.
  • Be inventive. An inventive photo has more chance to win a prize.


Good luck!