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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ about Roland Garros

How will the tickets be delivered?

The tickets for Roland Garros are all e-tickets and will be delivered by e-mail. We will send the tickets to the registered e-mailadress which you used to make an account at Tennis Ticket Service.

When will the tickets be delivered?

You will receive the tickets approximately 1-7 days before the date you ordered. This because the tickets have to be personalized. This is a time consuming process, but we will do our utterly best to send out the tickets earlier then a week before. 

What does ‘men’s seminfinal #1, -semifinal #2 and -semifinal #1 + #2’ means?

We offer you 3 different types of tickets for the men’s semifinals:

  • Men’s Semifinal #1
  • Men’s Semifinal #2
  • Men’s Semifinal #1 and #2, this is a combination of the both semifinals so you can see both games
What does ‘Outside Courts’ means?

Outside Courts are 13 courts on the venue of Roland Garros, where the less famous players will play. Juniors’-, Legends’-, Wheelchair- and Doubles- tournament will be played here as well. Please keep in mind that the seats at the Outside Courts are not reserved. 

Where do I have access to with a ticket for Court Philippe Chatrier, Court Suzanne Lenglen and Court Simonne Mathieu?

With a ticket for the courts up here, you have access to the court you bought a ticket for and the Outside Courts. 

Is the ticket I bought valid for the entire day?

Yes, the ticket is valid for the entire day you bought the ticket for.

The only exception being for Men's Semifinal. Next to the combi ticket (Men's Semifinale #1 + #2) for Semifinal #1 and Semifinal #2 we also offer tickets for the individual matches. These single session tickets only give access to one of the two semifinals.

Can I select a specific tennis player to watch?

As the draw has not been held and the schedule is not known yet, you can not select a specific tennis player to watch.

I want to see the best and most famous tennis players. For which court should I buy tickets?

The best and most famous players will play on the center court of the Roland Garros venue. The center court is the Philippe Chatrier court.

Are there any VIP packages available?

Yes, we have 2 different types of VIP packages available for you, so you can visit Roland Garros in style. Please get in contact with [email protected] for prices and availability.

Where is the Roland Garros venue located?

The venue of Roland Garros is located in Paris, France. Please click here to see the exact location of Roland Garros.

Why are there no tickets available for Suzanne Lenglen on the 27th of May?

On Monday the 27th of May there will be no access for visitors on Court Suzanne Lenglen. There is a special club day on this day: Journée des Présidents de Club.

General questions

If I order multiple tickets, am I guaranteed to sit next to each other?

Tennis Ticket Service guarantees that when you order two tickets, the seats will be located next to each other. For more than two tickets we do our best to find tickets next to each other. When it’s impossible to find seats next to each other, the tickets will always be two by two, which means that no one ever sits alone.

What is my place in the stadium?

The seating plan at the product page provides a good indication of your place in the stadium. At the time of ordering, it is not possible to determine the exact location of your tickets in the stadium. This information will only be announced at a later stage by our suppliers.

When is the game I ordered finalized, so exact date and time are announced?

Matches in Spain can change of exact playtime and date up till ten days prior the match. This has to do with several factors, including television rights. Also matches in England are finalized several weeks before match day. Please keep this in mind when booking a flight or overnight staying. When there is information about changing match time or date, we will do everything we can to inform the clients as fast as possible. Tennis Ticket Service cannot guarantee that predetermined playing time and play dates, the final playing time is. No rights can be derived.

What if I lose my ticket?

Unfortunately, Tennis Ticket Service can’t offer a refund or replacement in case of lost, stolen of damaged tickets. When you’ve received your tickets, they are your property. From that point on they will no longer be protected by our Ticket Guarantee. Make sure you’ll save your tickets in a secure environment.  

Did I receive the correct tickets?

When you think you received the incorrect tickets, compare the tickets with the information of your order. If this is incorrect, please contact our customer service team.

Why is there a different name listed on my tickets?

Tennis Ticket Service is a reseller of tickets for various events. We buy tickets through a large network of suppliers. The name that you see on your ticket is the name of the original purchaser. This information has to remain on the ticket, otherwise it will no longer be valid. However, each ticket has a unique bar code, by which the validity of the card is guaranteed.

Ordering tickets

Can I still cancel my order after I have ordered?

Yes, you can still cancel your order. But keep in mind we have a cancel policy. You can find the cancel policy at article 11 of our terms and conditions. Please read this carefully and decided afterwards if you still want to cancel your order. If so, please contact our customer support team by e-mail.  

I cannot order tickets via the website, now what?

You can always contact the Customer Service of Tennis Ticket Service. This can be done by telephone or by e-mail. The customer service is available daily to answer all your questions.

I have just ordered tickets through the website, what now?

You will be contacted by Tennis Ticket Service via e-mail. It depends on the match and date how the tickets will be delivered. This is all clearly based on the mail.

What payment options are there?

Via the website you can quickly and safely pay through iDeal, Credit Card or Paypal.

Can I also pay by bank transfer?

When you are not able or willing to pay via Credit Card, PayPal or iDEAL we can send you an invoice. Contact us via e-mail to ask for an invoice. In that case you will be provided our bank details and can purchase the tickets via a bank transfer.

Can I order by phone?

If you are unable, for whatever reason, to order tickets via the website please call us at any time. Our customer service is at your disposal every day to help with all problems, such as completing your order.


You can reach us by calling: + 33 9 70 44 94 93

What to do if my house has a house name instead of a number?

When you are ordering tickets you have to fill in your address details. When you have a house name instead of a house number, please fill in a '0' in the 'nr' box. You can add your house name in the 'extra' box.  


Do children get discounts at the stadium?

Children receive no discount on a ticket to a Tennis game, unless stated otherwise.

Are the prices shown per person?

Yes, all prices on the website are for one ticket.

The price on the tickets is less than I paid, what is wrong?

The price you pay is the result of several factors. Availability of the tickets, the method of delivery of the tickets and the demand for and supply of tickets determines the selling price. This is the reason that prices may vary from day to day, and sometimes the selling price varies of the original price.